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The group provides a pedagogical approach based on the use of the body as a musical instrument. In a practical and collective, the workshops provide participants with the exploration and discovery of numerous sounds produced by the body: hands, slapped, hit, tap dancing, vocal resources among others; and their use in the production of rhythms and melodies.

Barbatuques workshops held since 1995, with groups formed by adults and children in various parts of Brazil and abroad. Schools, businesses, NGOs, choirs, cultural and artistic groups from many areas have experienced this work (as the cast of Saltimbanco’s Cirque de Soleil).

They are given to anyone, regardless of age and training, especially those who want to develop the rhythmic and improvisational ability, improve motor skills and meet a wide form of “musicalization”. Professionals from different fields, can enrich their teaching with elements of body percussion. The content of the workshops is very used in specific groups, children’s classes and artistic groups.

The human body can be considered our first musical instrument. We’ve got it from the beginning, the presence of rhythm like the heartbeat, breathing and walking. These processes involve regularity, repetition and bring rhythmic references. No wonder that the musical words, beat and tempo, are used in this vocabulary.

Children playfully explores the sounds of the body and objects around them. Adults also use body sounds in their daily lives to communicate or make music. Barbatuques’ workshops bring in this perception and invites your inner child to play loudly with the body, reviving familiar sounds and creating new sounds to our repertoire.

Searching the sounds produced by the body, make us contact our features and accents. Each person has a different body, with individual size and dimensions, voice timbre, ease to produce certain sounds and difficulty with others. The practice in Barbatuques’ workshops promotes coexistence between these different sound bodies and intentions that clash and complement each other. Listening to the colleague, exercises the musical dialogue, cooperation and concentration. Learning different rhythms and improvisation games stimulates the ability to create, listen and interact in groups. Moreover, the practice of working with body percussion develops the musical perception.

Barbatuques’ workshops have four modules: Module I, Module II, III and Module IV. See the content and didactic objectives of each module.

Module I
Module II
Module III
Module IV
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