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“Só + 1 Pouquinho” is the name of the new children’s show by the Barbatuques group, based on ten unpublished compositions created by the group’s artists in the last two years. Founded more than 20 years ago, the group is dedicated to the research and development of its own musical language based on sounds produced by the body and voice.


Barbatuques first kid’s show was released in June 2011 in France and in July, the same year, in São Paulo. It was crowded and tickets were sold out before the season ends (in TucaArena Theatre). It was presented in Brazil’s main cities and abroad. 



A mix of show and workshop. The audience is invited to play along with the group, using their own bodies as a musical instrument, traveling through the group's main successful repertoire.



AYÚ brings a modern patchwork of different styles and aesthetics, reaffirming the essence of the band’s sound that became an international reference in body music. The research of the body as source of rhythms, melodies, harmonies, timbres and textures has been deeper, enlarging the approach of body music as well as the body orchestra’s work.

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