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Guitar player, composer and teacher since 1989.

Member in Barbatuques group since its foundation in 1995, has been performing concerts and workshops throughout Brazil and abroad since then. One of the responsibles for the technical area and the international relationship in the group.

He composed, together with André Hosoi, the song “Beautiful Creatures”, considered one of the main themes of FOX movie “RIO 2”, released in 2014. He coordinated along with André Hosoi, the arrangement and recording of the theme “Angry Birds Rio 2”, released in early 2014.

In 2012, he made the musical coordination, arrangements and participation in the recording of Barbatuques’ first kids CD “TUM PÁ”.

As a guitarist, played for the brazilian singer, Fabiana Cozza, for ten years, having participated in the recording of her two CDs, “O Samba é meu dom” and “Quando o céu clarear” and her DVD, released in 2010.

Also integrates the Jewish music group Zamarim, founded in 1997, which is one of the founding partners. Was member of the “Trovadores Urbanos” group for ten years and did more than 4,000 serenades.

Music teacher at Lourenço Castanho elementary school since 2012.

Has coordinated with André Hosoi, the arrangements and recordings of the soundtrack for the TV show “BUUU, um chamado para a aventura”, Globo channel in 2015.

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