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Over 750 corporate workshops, including  Adidas, Vale, Unilever, Itaú, Unibanco, Natura, TIM, Grupo Abril, Vivo, Pepsico, among many others.


is an artistic and pedagogical nucleus that since 1995 develops a pioneering language in corporal music, the musical expression through the innumerable sounds that can be produced by the body. This innovative and unique language has already been presented in several countries in the world such as China, France, Spain, United States, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Lebanon, Senegal and Colombia. Since 1997, the group has been working for companies and institutions developing experiences or training, exploring diverse skills such as team collaboration, creativity, learning process and communication, transforming the participants' body into a musical instrument.



The activities in companies, congresses and diverse events are suggested as a "pocket show" format, with up to 30 minutes of duration, with still focus on the musical interaction with the audience. "Workshow", with up to 45 minutes of duration, being a kind of music workshop or a complete show with the best repertoire of the group. We can also adapt these formats, with more or less time, depending on the event's features. Technical specifications regarding space, sound and light equipment and backstage requirements will be specified under our technical conditions.



Workshops and corporate experiences provide participants with an unique experience in transforming their bodies into musical instruments, a playful and pleasurable way of assisting professional development. They aim to maximize the individual's performance and motivation, increasing well-being at work and, consequently, improving organizational and interpersonal relationships. They develop skills such as learning process and communication, teamwork, initiative and motivation. The activities covered improve motor coordination, concentration and memory, listening ability and especially creativity skills. Besides the practical experience, the training ends with a discussion and reflection about the perceptions developed with the activities and its relation with the work and daily environment of the participants. The basic training usually lasts up to 2 hours, but can be extended to other periods in order to deepen some specific objective.


The group adapts or produces soundtracks for cinema, advertising, television and games. Among all the soundtracks created by the group, we highlight the advertisements for brands like Nike, Heineken, Schincariol; movies like Rio 2, The Boy and the World, Trash, Elite Troop (sound of scenes); the Angry Birds game and the children's series "Buuu - A Call to Adventure" on TV Gloob, by Globo channel.

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