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Charles Raszl is a guitarist, performer, arranger, composer, art educator and musical and theatrical director.

He holds a degree in Music Education from the Federal University of São Carlos, he studied classical guitar and choral conducting (Municipal School of Music – SP / Brazil) and popular guitar (Free University of Music – SP / Brazil).

Since 2013, he is a professor at Instituto Brincante, a reference in brazilian popular culture. He conceived and directed musical scenic spectacles and as musical director, has composed original scores for dance, theater and short film (3D animation and “stop motion”). In 2013 he developed the solo “Prato Feito” presented at the “Italian Body Percussion Festival Terni / Italy,” the fruit of research on body percussion techniques and traditional Brazilian dances. He participated in several International Music Festivals with Barbatuques (USA, Turkey, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and

Since 2013, he has been holding workshops and giving presentations in several countries such as Germany (Nuremberg, Hamburg, Kassel, Frankfurt and Hannover), Turkey (Istanbul), Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw and Bydgoszcz) and Italy (Rome, Milan, Turin, Trento, Perugia and Terni), spreading his research on body music and traditional Brazilian dances (coco, frevo, samba and “capoeira”), with direct influence of Barbatuques and other cultural manifestations that use body percussion technique (Gumboots, American Tap dance and Hambone ).

He is currently a member of Barbatuques and musical director of theater companies from São Paulo/Brazil.

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