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Musician, composer and art educator, is the general coordinator of Barbatuques group and member since its formation. His latest works include the production of the soundtrack for the game “Angry Birds Rio 2,” along with Renato Epstein and the music composition “Beautiful Creatures,” in partnership with Renato Epstein and Taura Stinson, who entered the movie Rio 2 (2014) of Carlos Saldanha. Em November 2013, made the preparation of TV Globo’s cast for new years’ clip, with Mauricio Maas and Renato Epstein.

Producter of Barbatuques’ second compact disc, “O Seguinte é Esse” (2005), along with Fernando Barba and Bruno Buarque. In addition to compose for Barbatuques, has a solo album called “Junina” with the co-production of Sergio Pray, with the participation of André Mehmari, Monica Salmaso, Luciana Alves, Mané Silveira, among others.

Also created soundtracks for several movies and shows. Among the most recent, produced the jingle for the openning of Animamundi of Alê Abreu (2011), a collection of apps for tablet “It was a time in English” (2014), and the play “Doncovim Proncovo” (2014). For 13 years, he plays with Cochichando group, at a renowned place in São Paulo, Ó Borogodó. As a graphic producer, made more than 50 CD covers, including Barbatuques’ three CDs and also the DVD.

Educator, works as a teacher in the Music Training Educators in “Espaço Musical”, coordinated by Ricardo Breim, in Vera Cruz College and the graduation of the Cantareira University.

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